September 2018 Newsletter


September 2018 Newsletter

            Welcome to Wee Creations Christian Preschool!   Some families have been sending their young children here for many years and for others, this is a new adventure!  We thank God for each and every one of you!   We pray that we may be a blessing to each other.

Along with this monthly newsletter, you will also receive an information sheet about our fall trip to Appleland Station.  All of our students are invited to attend.  Regular preschool class will be cancelled on that day.

We are starting the school year with 43 students with a few more planning to join as the year progresses.   Classes are full or mostly full on Monday – Thursday mornings.  Friday is our small class, for now.

Here is a list of staff members that you can expect to see on a regular basis.

Monday – Mrs. Scheele, Mrs. DeBoer, Mrs. Armstrong

Tuesday – Mrs. Scheele, Mrs. Kuipers

Wednesday – Mrs. Scheele, Mrs. Kuipers, Mrs. Armstrong

Thursday – Mrs. Scheele, Mrs. Kuipers, Mrs. Armstrong

Friday – Mrs. Scheele or Mrs. Kuipers until the class grows big enough to require two teachers.  Mrs. Armstrong will help out on an “as needed” basis.

Supply staff are Mrs. Donnelly, Mrs. Westerhof, and Mrs. Westerveld.

OUR ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING is planned for Tuesday, Sept. 18, at 7 p.m.  in the preschool room.   It generally takes less than one hour and features a presentation by the staff about the program, and a business meeting run by the Board of Directors.  Please make an effort to attend!  Children may come along if that is the only way you can attend.  They may play quietly in the background while we have our meeting.

This year we have students with food allergies that require us to keep peanuts out of our classroom.   This school is a nut free facility.   If you enjoy peanut butter for breakfast, please be sure to wash your hands well before coming to preschool.                                    

 We also have a student allergic to eggs and dairy.   As a result, parents will not be allowed to bring food in from home.   The staff are very careful in the food that we serve, to make sure all of our students are safe at preschool.

If and when school buses are cancelled due to foggy conditions, we will be running preschool as usual.   Please use your discretion about when to drive in.  We don’t mind if your child arrives late.