September 2017 newsletter

Wee Creations Christian Preschool

September 2017 Newsletter

                Welcome to a new Preschool year!   The days are getting shorter and cooler and it is time to say “Good Bye” to summer.

This fall we will have our Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday classes full.   We are growing our Monday class ( room for more)  and our Friday class will start in October (with room for more).

Mrs. Scheele and Mrs. Kuipers will be teaching Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday classes together.   Mrs. Kuipers will be teaching the Friday class in October.

We are thankful for the services of A CHILD FIRST – Mrs. Barb Emms (resource consultant) will be coming to help on Mondays and Wednesdays.   Mrs. Denise Armstrong (program assistant) will be coming on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

We welcome our co-op student from Life Academy, Miss Amalea (pronounced Emily).  She will be coming each morning to assist us in the program, starting on Sept. 6.   She is a grade 12 student who has lots of experience working with young children and is looking to study Social Work.

Scholastic Book orders will be due Sept. 21.   Flyers will come home with your child each month – participation is optional but it is a good way to buy books at a reasonable price. (they make good birthday/Christmas gifts too)  You can pay online or by cheque to Scholastic Canada.  Orders from multiple flyers can be combined on one cheque.  The preschool earns points on each sale that we can use towards free books, toys and equipment for the classroom.

Our ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING is set for Thursday, Sept. 21 at 7:00 p.m.    It will take place in the preschool room.    Staff will make a presentation about their plans for the year, the board members will speak about their roles and a few new members will be voted in.  It generally takes less than an hour so if you need to bring your children, they may play quietly in the background.  Please do your best to attend!

Our fall field trip is planned for Tuesday, September 26.  We are going by bus to Appleland Station where we will have a ride around the orchard, learn about how apples grow, pick some apples to take home and play on the big sand pile.   More details on a separate paper.

ALLERGIES   We have a few students with severe food allergies this year so we need to be very careful of what comes into the classroom.   If your child has peanut butter for breakfast, please be sure to wash their hands and faces well before coming to preschool. The school is a nut free facility.   We cannot allow any food from home into the classroom as we have a student who has a severe egg and dairy allergy.   We have adjusted our snack menu to make this a safe place for all of our students.  Students will NOT be allowed to finish their breakfast in the classroom.

Information updates:   If at any point in the year your contact information changes, it is your responsibility to let us know at the preschool!   That means new phone numbers, address changes, immunizations, emergency contact information or persons authorized to pick up your child.