November 2017 Newsletter

Wee Creations Christian Preschool

November 2017 Newsletter


We are happy to report that the children are adjusting well to the classroom, teachers and each other.  One recent visitor to the classroom was amazed at the progress that she noticed from end of September to the end of October.

We thank everyone who participated in our Ricco food fundraiser.   The response was impressive!  Delivery date is sometime in November.  It will likely be on a Tuesday ( 14 or 21).

Our next fundraiser is a poinsettia sale.   Order forms will come out Nov. 6 and the flowers will be delivered on Dec. 15, which is also our Christmas Social evening so you can pick them up that evening if your child doesn’t regularly attend on Friday morning.    We are hoping that this will appeal to those who did not participate in the food fundraiser.  This will be our last fundraiser until June 2 which is our BIG Touch A Truck event!   The past two years we have had over 1500 people attend this event and we will be looking for many volunteers to help that day go smoothly.

Following our fall harvest study, we have embarked on a study of the planets and outer space.  We have created a cardboard rocket ship from a large box and the children have been enjoying that.

On Nov. 6, we plan to switch to Community Helpers.    We know that it takes all kinds of helpers to make a community function well, just as we have many children who like to be helpers in the classroom – washing tables, pushing strollers, tidying up toys, being the leader.

Another helper that we need to acknowledge is our Co-op Student, Miss Amalea.  She has been a great help to us as the school year started.   Her last day with us is Nov. 9 – we will miss her quiet, helpful ways.

We are also preparing some songs to sing for you at our Christmas Social event.   The Board is busy planning refreshments for this evening, and we just want you to come and enjoy this time with your children.   More details on a separate paper.


Lila turns 3 on November 6!

Janine turns 3 on November 19!

Clark turns 3 on November 26!

Gurviraj turns 3 on November 28!

As the weather turns colder, please send a warm coat, hat, mitts and boots for your child.  We do still like to get outside when conditions allow.  We usually go out from 11:00 – 11:25.   On days when it is raining or icy, we are allowed to use the gym for some exercise.

If the Woodstock Christian School is closed due to poor weather conditions, we must close also.   We will do our best to contact you by phone if this happens.   Also it will be posted on our Facebook page.