March 2018 Newsletter

Wee Creations Christian Preschool

March 2018 Newsletter

As we get more sunny days, our thoughts turn to spring!   It is a good idea to tuck a pair of splash pants in your child’s back pack for when we go outside.  Rubber boots are also a great idea!          If the snow comes again, then we will need snow pants.

Our preschool board is busy planning for our Annual Touch A Truck event on Saturday, June 2 from 10 – 2 p.m.!  We will need many parent volunteers to make the day a success.   Also we are looking for new vehicle ideas – if you know of anyone who has a unique tractor, truck, car or any other vehicle that big and little kids can explore, please send the info to our president at

Photography days are Tuesday, March 27 and Wednesday, March 28.  Individual photos will be taken in the library across from our classroom and a group photo will be taken in our classroom.   There is no sitting fee.  Proofs will be delivered to the school in a few weeks and you can make your choice from there.   Milestone Photography is a company that we have been dealing with for many years and we are always happy with their work.   If your child does not attend on those days but you would like individual photos taken of your child, please bring them in one of those mornings.    You will need to stay with your child and we will do our best to fit you in quickly.   There is also an opportunity for siblings to be photographed together so if you wish to have your other children photographed too, please let Mrs. Scheele know.

March break will be observed March 12 – 16 – Preschool will be closed that week.

We have started exploring colours and shapes in class.  The children enjoyed learning about Nursery Rhymes last month.   We will also be talking about Easter at the end of this month.


Brynn turns 4 on March 1!            Finley turns 4 on March 1!                            Aleena turns 3 on March 5!

Caden turns 4 on March 5!           Riley turns 4 on March 5!                              Emilie turns 4 on March 8!

Desmond turns 4 on March 15!   Oliver M. turns 4 on March 17!                 Wesley V. turns 3 on March 20!

Kanen turns 4 on March 27!        Veyda turns 3 on March 27!                        Nimarta turns 4 on March 29!

Tucker turns 4 on March 31!


We have been enjoying our enrichment classes.    Most of them will finish around the end of March.

There will be no classes offered on Good Friday, March 30 and Easter Monday, April 2.  The school and preschool will be closed as we think about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and how that affects our lives.  A Blessed Easter to all of our families!