Note from Mrs. Westerveld

Last month, I had the privilege of spending some time in the Wee Creations preschool as a substitute teacher. I have wandered the halls during child drop off and pickup times and sensed the excitement….so it was a real treat to spend time in the preschool.

Initially, I was struck by the care and loving concern ….and the patience that the teachers showed the children.  Mrs. Scheele really knew the children well as individuals and demonstrated such easy connections with them. The children, in return, responded so positively to this. The whole preschool is set with a loving structure and high expectations. The children (and parents) were obviously happy to be there.

The atmosphere of the learning environment was one of peace and safety. The classroom offered such a rich, diverse, stimulating environment for the children. There was something developmentally appropriate for everyone!  So much choice and possibility! There was a beautiful balance of quiet and noisy times, listening and speaking times, and fine and gross motor times. Children were painting, creating with playdough and paper, collecting and manipulating beads and rocks and experimenting with water.  During Circle and Show and Share the children had opportunities to participate orally and present what was important to them.

My time in the room flew by…. As a Kindergarten Specialist, I feel so blessed to have this excellent preschool right here in our facility at Woodstock Christian School.

Linda Westerveld