January 2018 Newsletter

Wee Creations Christian Preschool

January 2018 Newsletter

We start the 2018 off with 49 students, the most we have ever had!    God is gracious and kind!    At this point, we only have openings on Friday mornings.   Talk to Mrs. Scheele if you know of someone who would like to be #50!

This month, we start our Winter Enrichment program, which will include Dance, Yoga, Sportball instruction in the gym as well as visits from the Public Librarian and Music teacher to our classroom.   The schedule will be posted on our bulletin board in the hallway.   This is scheduled on a rotating basis in January, February and March so that each class will have a chance to experience each activity.

Scholastic Book orders are due Wednesday, Jan. 24 – you can pay online (please be sure to bring your order form with your code so we can make sure that the order goes to you) or you can pay by cheque to Scholastic Canada (orders can be combined from all forms)   Points earned from your purchases allow us to receive new books and toys for the classroom.


Justin turns 4 on Jan. 2!                                       Isabel turns 3 on Jan. 4!

 Calvin turns 4 on Jan. 7!                                       Sia turns 4 on Jan. 14!

Ayla turns 4 on Jan. 22!                                        Joanna turns 5 on Jan. 22!

 Mackenzie turns 4 on Jan. 27!

January marks the rolling out of the Ages and Stages Questionnaire.    This is a take home questionnaire that will be filled out by the parent and then returned to the preschool.   It is specific to your child’s age and covers many areas of development.  The purpose of sending this out through the preschool, is to identify areas that may need extra help.    When delays are noticed, it is important to help children catch up as early as possible.     We, as preschool staff want to do our best to help your child prepare for school.   Please don’t be alarmed – it will also confirm where your child is functioning at an age appropriate level!

Our playground is currently covered in a thick layer of snow – when the temps are not too low, we do hope to go outside, so please continue to bring along the snow gear.  The more items labelled, the better!

January is a good time to make updates.    PLEASE make sure that all of your information on file at preschool is current – address, phone numbers, emergency contact numbers, immunizations, allergies.

Thank you to all who participated in the poinsettia fundraiser.    We will now focus on preparations for our Touch A Truck event, scheduled for Saturday, June 2, 2018.   This event gets bigger every year and will require many volunteers.


Please DO NOT send yogurt drinks, milk in cups or any other snacks that do not conform to our food policy.