January 2017

January 10 is our first day back to school after the Christmas break.   We hope everyone had an enjoyable time celebrating Christ’s birth with family and friends.

We welcome 5 new students to our preschool this month.   Tuesday and Thursday are our large classes with two staff members, Wednesday and Friday are currently maxed at 8 students with one teacher but we are taking names on a wait list to expand one or both of these classes, if there is enough interest.

We have been enjoying the use of our new playground, even in the snow and look forward to making use of it often in the new year.  Please label as many items of snow gear as you are able.   It helps us to keep things straight.  In one class, three boys have the same hats….If you are in need of labels, we have an ongoing fundraising account with Mabel’s Labels.   Just go online and when ordering indicate that Wee Creations Christian Preschool is your organization.

This is Miss Emily’s last month as a co-op student in our class.   We appreciate her quiet helpfulness and wish her success in her future endeavours.


Donny turns 3 on Jan. 12!                                   Joanna turns 4 on Jan. 22!

Claire turns 4 on Jan. 24!                                     Mackenzie turns 3 on Jan. 27!

Scholastic Book orders are due January 31, 2017.   You may pay online or by cheque to Scholastic Canada.  (please include with your order form.)

If your contact info (or your emergency contact info) has changed since you registered your child for preschool, please forward updates to Mrs. Scheele.

Signing in will be different in 2017.   Children will be signed in on a clipboard that is easily transportable so that when we go outside, have a fire drill, or a real emergency, teachers can quickly determine if someone is missing.   Please look for your child’s name and the date, then indicate the time of drop off / pick up and sign with your initials.