December 2018 Newsletter

Wee Creations Christian Preschool

December 2018 Newsletter

It’s hard to believe that we are already in December!  Classes are full as we enter January 2019.

December will have three weeks of classes as we take a break to celebrate Christmas and New Years with our families.  December 21 is the last day of classes.   We start again on January 7, 2019.

We welcome Mrs. Michelle Sol to our staff as Administrative Assistant.  She will be working with Mrs. Scheele on the business side of the preschool.

Don’t forget our Christmas Social.   With 50 students, we have expanded to two sittings, so that we can comfortably fit all of the guests.  Thank you to our Board of Directors for hosting this event!   We are looking for someone to play piano to accompany our Carol sing.   If you know of someone who could help out on Friday evening or Saturday morning, please let us know!


Jace turns 3 on December 7!                       Vimahni turns 3 on December 10!

Mrs. DeBoer has a birthday on December 27!

REMINDER   When the Woodstock Christian School is closed due to inclement weather, the preschool will also be closed.   You will be notified on your SeeSaw app, and it will be posted on our Facebook page as well.   Please note that WCS does not always follow the lead of the public system bus companies.

OUTDOORS   Many of you have been faithfully bringing in your child’s snow gear.   We like to have the option to go out when the weather is suitable.   We do not go out when there is a severe wind chill or icy surfaces.  Please label as many items as possible.   Even your child’s initials can be helpful in identifying mittens, boots etc.

As mentioned in a previous letter, each family registered between September and December will be receiving a cheque as part of a fee reduction pilot project.   These are expected to be available mid-December.

Thank you to the families who are keeping their children home when they are unwell.  Many illnesses are circulating at this time of year and bringing sick children to school does no one a favour.

Merry Christmas &

A Blessed New Year!